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HVAC Maintence


Many people make an investment in a HVAC system, yet fail to maintain proper upkeep. An HVAC system is similar to that of a car – it needs the proper care and maintenance to function properly. A properly functioning HVAC system is one that will keep your home, business, or rental property cozy or cool for many years to come, which is why HVAC maintenance is so very important!


L&I Electric, LLC can assist customers and property managers with HVAC maintenace services. Become one of our MVP's (MOST VALUABLE PEOPLE) and reap the benefits of our HVAC Maintenance Agreement.

HVAC Maintenance  Agreements Plans

L&I Electric, LLC MVP's Get:
  • PRIORITY Emergency Service Calls over all other customers if unit breaksdown

  • DISCOUNTED 58.99 on all calls (INCLUDING Emergency Service calls)  for the unit under agreement

  • DISCOUNTED 20% off repair and labor fees if needed by unit under agreement

  • FREE 2 scheduled maintenance checks per year with reminders, and flexible scheduling

***********Maintence is NOT covered by home warranty companies*****

Plans Coverage Includes:
  • 15 point inspection

  • Air filter checked and cleaned

  • Freon checks

  • Electrical components checked

  • And more....





Benefits of Becoming a MVP:


  • Save on your utility bills

  • Clean filters and coils mean better breathing for everyone

  • With proper HVAC maintenance, a unit can last well over 10 years

  • Keeping a unit up-to-date on all inspections and maintenance checks means less worry that the unit will break down when it is needed the most


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Maintenance Needs!

Conditions & Exclusions

Contract does not include any parts or materials (lube/freon) required for unit to run efficiently


Repairs: Any repairs  required beyond those provided in Agreement will be bought to your attention, and will be discounted and paid separately before they are completed.

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