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These are just some of the services we provide:


  • Appliance wiring
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Ceiling fan wiring
  • Circuit panel upgrades
  • Code compliance & corrections
  • Data communications
  • Dimmers, switches, plugs & outlets
  • Fuse box to circuit breaker conversions
  • Lighting fixture wiring
  • Meter Wiring
  • Whole-house surge protection
  • Wiring for additions, remodeling & detached garages
  • Remote control panels
  • Fiber or LED lighting for your pool, spa, patio, or deck
  • Above ground outdoor wiring
  • Underground wiring
  • Circuit installation
  • Wiring and control for a single pump
  • Wiring and controls for multiple pumps
  • GFI (ground fault interceptor wiring to help prevent electrical shock
  • Infrared motion detectors (IMDs)
  • Gas Station Light Maintenance/Repair/Installation
  • Automated Lighting Solutions
  • Landscape Lights
  • Mini Lights
  • Accent Lights
  • Sconces
  • Under Cabinet Lights
  • Vanity/Recess Lighting
  • And a whole lot more...



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Electrical Services.

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Outdoor Lighting Solutions

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